• Beton Blok System (Concrete Block System) is a complete set of concrete elements with specific parametres, making a uniform and coherent framing for building structures by placing one element on top of another in a loose way.
  • Thanks to its appropriate shape, significant weight and the inventive building solution it is not necesaary to apply additional assembly work.
  • The main benefits of the concrete blocks system are: short performance time, insignificant requirements as to the ground base, simplicity of assemblying, long durability, resistance to mechanical damage and the possibility to dismantle and rearrange the blocks according to a different design.


  • The concrete blocks manufactured in our company are applied for errecting walls of halls, warehoues, production plants, resistance walls, storage boxes, enclosures for compost making, repositories for loose materials; they can be used for building robust fences and protection walls covering vulnerable elements of other constructions, as well as for many other building developments.
  • Exactly fitting sizes of particular elements allow for choosing a proper way of erecting every building development.
  • The construction process using Beton Blok System (Concrete Block System) is fast and allows for saving time while constructing buildings.

Our offer

  • Beton Blok System (Concrete Block System) is a proven way to build, tested in many constructions all over the country. The company's offer embraces the whole process of order execution: adapting the design to the system's features, production of building blocks, delivery and assembly.
  • If our customer is interested in constructing the building within their own capacity, we ensure technical support.
  • The system offer is accompanied by an extensive package of aditional elements, such as fitting steel constructions, roofings, gates and other elements depending on the design and the client's needs.